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MESA Prelims @ CSULB March 3, 2018

Additional Security Measures at Cubberley School

Dear Cubberley Families,

The safety and security of our students has been a concern of mine since I started here at Cubberley last year, and the events that have been occurring in our country during this school year have fueled my desire to take some steps to get additional security measures in place. I have been working for several months on connecting with Cathy Coy, the director of emergency preparedness for LBUSD. We were finally able to connect yesterday. Ms. Coy, Mrs. Towne, Mrs. Dotts and I met together and walked the campus to identify areas where we can tighten up security given the configuration of the front of our school and the lack of a front fence.


Based on our observations and the recommendations from Ms. Coy, Cubberley will be instituting the following measures effective March 1st:


  1. The Kids’ Club Gate will be locked at 9:10 a.m. and will remain locked until the end of the school day. The gate will be briefly unlocked at 10:45 and 12:20 to accommodate shift changes and Kindergarten dismissal. Parents who need to drop off or pick up their kids at Kids’ Club at any other times will need to come through the front office.
  2. All parents who are not badged will need to exit campus by 9:10 a.m. and may not enter campus until the end of the school day. All visitors or VIPS must report to the office and receive their VIPS or Visitor badge prior to entering any building during the school day. Please report any unauthorized adults to the office and direct them to the office for proper check in.
  3. All classroom doors need to be closed and locked at all times. Anyone who needs to gain entry into the classroom should unlock the door with a key or should knock.
  4. Students may not work in the hallways or be left on ramps unattended. A VIP may work with/supervise students in the hallway.
  5. All students should remain on campus during the school day. PE will no longer run the perimeter of the school. Middle School sports may still run the perimeter after school hours.
  6. A request for service has been submitted to the district in order to get an estimated cost for an iron fence to be placed in front of the auditorium walkway. Unless the district plans to budget for additional security measures, the site will need to incur the cost of installing the new fence. The Cubberley Foundation is waiting on the estimate and will make a decision once we have all of the information.
  7. A parent meeting with the principal and Ms. Coy will be held Tuesday, March 6th at 9:15 a.m. in the Cubberley Auditorium. This meeting will provide parents the opportunity to ask additional questions or voice any additional concerns.
  8. Please remind students to say something if they see or hear something either in person or on social media.


I know that some of these changes will be an inconvenience for staff and parents, but we are living in a different time and need to do more to assure our families and community that our students’ safety is a priority. Thank you for all you do to support the staff and instructional program at Cubberley School.

Mrs. Imbroane

Congrats to our Girls' Track Team - 1st Place in Eastern Division and All City Champions. Go Cubs!

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Cubberley News


Planning for Excellence – LCAP Highlights


Dear Friends,


Over the past several weeks, we have shared with you some highlights of our Local Control and Accountability Plan, or LCAP.  We have distributed the publications Academic ExcellenceBasic Services – A Foundation for Excellence, and A Team Effort – Parents, Students and School. Today we’re providing those documents combined in one convenient publication titled Planning for Excellence. Toward the end of this compilation, you’ll also find an extensive list of family resources to support academic achievement.


If the title links to the above documents don’t work, you can also find them at under the Local Control Funding section.


Best regards,


Christopher J. Steinhauser
Superintendent of Schools


Planificación para la Excelencia – Lo Destacado del Plan de Control y Responsabilidad Local


Estimados Amigos,


En las últimas semanas, hemos compartido con ustedes algunos puntos destacados del Plan de Control y Responsabilidad Local o LCAP.  Hemos distribuido las publicaciones Excelencia AcadémicaServicios Básicos – La Fundación para la Excelencia, y Un Esfuerzo en Equipo – Padres de Familia, Estudiantes y Escuela.  El día de hoy proporcionamos esos documentos en una publicación titulada Planificación para la Excelencia.  Hacia el final de esta recopilación, usted encontrará una lista extensa de muchos recursos familiares para apoyar el logro académico. 


Si los enlaces con los títulos no funcionan, usted también puede encontrarlos en bajo la sección “Local Control Funding.”


Mis mejores saludos,


Christopher J. Steinhauser

Superintendente Escolar



Threat Prevention


Hello, Students and Families.


As we’ve seen in recent weeks, our schools are not immune to the potential threats that so many other schools nationwide have been dealing with.  We appreciate your heightened awareness of this issue, and we continue to encourage everyone in our school communities to report any suspicious information or activity that could impact school safety.


Threats to our schools are not harmless, and they are not funny.  They take valuable resources and time from our school district and the law enforcement agencies who work with us each day to keep our schools safe.  Threats cause anxiety for parents, students and staff, and they can disrupt the important work of teaching and learning.  Students who make threats face consequences that linger long after the threat is made.  We reiterate the Long Beach Police Department’s recent statement about such threats:


“The Long Beach Police Department takes all potential threats of violence very seriously and thoroughly investigates all reported incidents,” Chief Robert Luna said. “Making any kind of threat whether in person or online, is illegal and has serious consequences.”


Those consequences, as we also have seen in recent weeks, can include suspension, expulsion, arrest and potential prosecution under the law.  Students who make threats, even as a “joke,” can quickly find themselves facing the entire range of these consequences. 


We urge parents to discuss this matter with their children.  In light of the senseless loss of lives in recent school shootings nationally, it is completely inappropriate and unacceptable to make threats, even as a “joke.”


We have appreciated everyone’s support during this challenging time.  Again, we continue to encourage students, parents and staff to immediately report any information that could impact the safety of others.  With your help, we can continue to provide safe schools and the best possible education for our students.





Christopher J. Steinhauser
Superintendent of Schools


Prevención de amenazas


Hola, estudiantes y familias.


Como hemos visto en las últimas semanas, nuestras escuelas no son inmunes a las posibles amenazas que otras escuelas a nivel nacional han estado enfrentando. Agradecemos su intensificada concienciación sobre este problema y seguimos animando a todos dentro de nuestras comunidades escolares a reportar toda información o actividad sospechosa que pudiera afectar la seguridad escolar.


Las amenazas a nuestras escuelas no son inocentes y no son graciosas.  Le quitan recursos valiosos y tiempo a nuestro distrito escolar y a las agencias del orden público quienes trabajan con nosotros cada día para mantener nuestras escuelas seguras.  Las amenazas les provocan ansiedad a los padres de familia, los estudiantes y al personal y pueden interrumpir la importante tarea de enseñar y aprender.  Los estudiantes que hacen estas amenazas enfrentan consecuencias que perduran por mucho tiempo después de haberlas hecho.  Reiteramos la reciente declaración del Departamento de Policía de Long Beach sobre estas amenazas:


El jefe de policía Robert Luna dijo, “el Departamento de Policía de Long Beach toma muy en serio todas las posibles amenazas de violencia e investiga completamente todos los incidentes reportados.”   “Hacer cualquier tipo de amenaza, ya sea en persona o por internet, es ilegal y tiene consecuencias graves.” 


Tales consecuencias, como también hemos visto en las recientes semanas, pueden incluir suspensión, arresto y un posible procesamiento legal.  Los estudiantes que hacen amenazas, aún en forma de “broma,” pueden encontrarse rápidamente enfrentando la gama completa de estas consecuencias. 


Instamos a los padres de familia a platicar con sus hijos de este asunto.  A consecuencia de la pérdida sin sentido de vidas en los recientes tiroteos escolares a nivel nacional, es completamente inapropiado e inaceptable hacer estas amenazas, ni siquiera en forma de “broma.”


Agradecemos el apoyo de todos durante este tiempo difícil.  Seguimos animando a los estudiantes, los padres de familia y al personal a que reporten inmediatamente cualquier información que pudiera tener un impacto en la seguridad de otras personas.  Con su ayuda, podemos seguir proporcionando escuelas seguras y la mejor educación posible para nuestros estudiantes.






Christopher J. Steinhauser
Superintendente Escolar


State law requires all public schools to create a School Accountability Report Card (SARC). The purpose of the report card is to provide parents and the community with important information about your child's school, which includes:

  • School Description and Mission
  • School Programs and Instructional Materials
  • Opportunities for Parent Involvement
  • Test Results
  • Safety Plan
  • Facilities

We invite you to view the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) for your child's school.  You can find your school's SARC here.