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1)  Does Cubberley Foundation take the place of PTA?  

No! Cubberley PTA is a vital part of our school, and they will continue to raise funds to provide a broad range of student programs. The Foundation’s mission, on the other hand, is solely fundraising. The Foundation works closely with Cubberley PTA to provide the best possible programs for Cubberley students. The Foundation is also able to help fund employee salaries, if needed, while the PTA can not.  
2) Doesn’t Cubberley receive its funding from the school district?  
As a California public school, Cubberley is funded by federal, state and local funds, plus property taxes and the lottery, with funding managed by the Long Beach Unified School District. This funding can be restricted by many factors, including the state budget and educational policies. Cubberley Foundation will give us the freedom to enhance our students’ education with enrichment programs that are not currently funded. 
3) Who runs the Foundation?
An executive board of unpaid parent volunteers is in place. Members are chosen through a school-wide election each spring, open to Cubberley teachers and community leaders. The group is driven by a set of written policies and bylaws and is supervised by Principal Michael Navia.  
4) Where does the money go?  
More than 85 percent of the funds raised goes directly to school programs. There is no paid staff, and the Foundation maintains a minimal budget for printing, postage, insurance and other administrative costs. 
5) How does the Foundation decide which programs are funded?  
We continue to work closely with the School Site Council, the PTA, Administration and Cubberley’s school groups to determine where the monies raised will be best spent. Our budget plan includes funding for after-school intervention classes, “Cub of the Month,” Principal’s Honor Roll, the Principal’s Fund, the sports banquet, Dad’s Donut Day, Mom’s Muffin Morning and 8th grade promotion. As the Foundation continues to grow, PTA and other school groups will continue to raise funds individually this year. Cheerleading, Travel Club and Kids Club will continue to host Cubberley’s carnivals. With exciting projects like our Tile Drive and Jog-a-Thon, the Foundation hopes to build enough resources to minimize school-group fundraising.
6)  Do I have to contribute to the Foundation?

While participation in Foundation fundraisers is optional, the Cubberley Foundation can’t exist without the support of parents, school leaders and the community – working together to ensure the best possible education for our students.