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Coming in the Spring, "Haphazardly Ever After," Free Performances, April 24 & 25
Posted 3/4/20
The Young Actors Theatre Workshop will present "Haphazardly Ever After" by Jeff Fluharty on Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25 at 6:30 p.m. in the Cubberley auditorium. 
Marie Contreras Romero is directing the production that will feature Lauren A., Smara B., Paul B., Jonathan C.,  Katie C., Maddie C., Natalie D.,  Lexi G., Daisy M.-G., Olivia H., Mason K., Trevor K., , Braeden M., Eamonn M., Maxine R., Lal S., Alice W., William W., Samuel W.
The crew includes Samuel W. and William W. as Light Technicians,  Ethan C. and William K. as Spotlight Technicians and Olivia H. as Sound Technician. 
Join us for this comedic tale of King Barnabas and Queen Mildred who are having trouble with their four children who happen to be the most unruly, obnoxious and bratty grown-up royals ever. In their hopeful efforts to bring harmony and happiness to their family, the king and queen seek help from a royal therapist, consult with royal teachers, call upon a fairy godmother and even attempt to marry off their children.  Haphazard and unexpected surprises occur along the way to happily ever after, after all! Come join us for this charming and hilarious tale for all ages!
Admission is free.  Donations are welcome.  Proceeds will help support future Young Actors Theatre Workshop productions.