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Ellwood P. Cubberley

Ellwood P. Cubberley

Who Was Ellwood P. Cubberley?

Ellwood Patterson Cubberley (1868-1941) was an American educator, who began his career in education in a one room Indiana schoolhouse.

A pioneer in the field of education, he was instrumental in the development of the profession of school administration in the United States.

Cubberley studied at
Indiana and Columbia universities and taught at Harvard University. Before joining Stanford University, he served as the Superintendent of Schools in San Diego, California. At Stanford, he accepted a position as professor of education from 1898 – 1917. He was appointed to Dean of the School of Education in 1917 and served until 1933.

In his first year at Stanford, Cubberley traveled 7,700 miles and delivered 77 lectures. The theme of his lectures touted the importance of higher education to educators.

Cubberley emphasized good teaching methods and insisted that Stanford faculty develop materials to teach, know what was being taught elsewhere in their specific fields and provide educational leadership within their department.