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Becoming a Sub-Committee of Cubberley School Foundation

Please read the following procedures thoroughly:

Any groups, committees or projects at Cubberley School that wish to work as a sub-committee with Cubberley School Foundation and create a fundraising account should first contact the Foundation’s treasurer with a request.  You may leave a note for the current treasurer in the Foundation folder, located in the Foundation’s box in Cubberley’s main office.

After the sub-committee and account have been established, to deposit or withdraw funds, fill out a deposit form or a payment request form and place it (with any funds or receipts) in the treasurer’s folder.  Forms can be found in the Foundation’s box.

Bear in mind, though, that the Foundation’s long-term goal is to consolidate and minimize fundraisers at Cubberley.  However, if it becomes necessary for a sub-committee to stage its own fundraiser, in the spirit of full disclosure, the sub-committee should make it clear in any and all promotional material that it is that particular group raising funds, and not Cubberley School Foundation as a whole. 

Publications that include the name of Cubberley School Foundation in any form must have the initialed approval of the active CSF President.  Flyers may not state that an event is “sponsored by,” “approved by” or in any other way relate CSF to the event/fundraiser.  Unless the event is one that requires check payments, the name of the Cubberley School Foundation is not to appear on items promoting the event.

For the same reason, all checks collected for deposit should be written to:

Cubberley School Foundation - “Sub-Committee Name” (Example: if the sub-committee Chorus is raising funds, the check should appear as follows: “Cubberley School Foundation – Chorus”)

Finally, any potential sub-committee fundraiser must fall within guidelines that have been established by the Foundation.  The Foundation Board has the right to reject any fundraiser that doesn’t fall within those guidelines.  Contact the Foundation treasurer for further information regarding this.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Cubberley School Foundation, Inc.

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